Hello all,

I have a new website in the works, most of which is live now. Please not that at this time I have not linked http://www.darrenstahlmanphotography.com to the new site, as I am not interested in making people type all of that out. You can simply type darrenstahlman.com

This site is much simpler than my past ones, but also much easier to update.


Its not finalized by any means yet, but in the interest of my career I have put up several books of work so that I may have a web presence once again. I have new work that will be going up shortly, along with different page layouts for the galleries.

I am still trudging along. Progress is slow, but it is progress. Should have some pages with content up by early next week..Will not be everything, but it will be a good start.

At least there are fun sounds to keep you entertained for 5 seconds.


Hey Gang,

Yes, you heard right!

I am finally getting down to building the website, at least that is what I think I’ve been doing for the past 14 hours. As I scan through my archives looking for images I need I keep coming across images I had never considered, or lacked the skills to print them in such a way that they were my own, and as good as it is, it is driving me nuts. ( huge run on, no sleep here)

I’ve given myself until next Thursday to complete the site, if I fail to do it by then I have talked myself into shelling out the dough for someone else to do it. With any luck I will have something to take the place of my trusty “Under Construction” page by end of next week.

So as to not leave you empty-handed for your visit, here are 2 images I discovered today. I do remember taking them, but cannot say I have honestly seen them in the years since.

The girl is a complete mystery to me, as even though I vaguely remember shooting these a few years ago while I was visiting my folks, I have no idea who this person is or how I met them.

The window seat shot was in a 12 gig folder of window seat shots. I did a lot of flying with a photog. I used to work with.



©2008 Darren Stahlman - Photographer.

©2008 Darren Stahlman - Photographer

Hey All,

I know it has been some time since I have had any news and images to share, so here is my latest.

Image was shot for, and published in, The Improper Bostonian. Grab yourself a copy of the February 17- March 2, 2010 issue and turn to page 7 to see this image in all its 4×5 color neg. glory. I started processing my own C-41, which I am finding is pretty easy, so hopefully there can be many more images made on my Speed Graphic in print.

Photograph was made on location at the Stuart St. Playhouse in Boston’s Theater District.


Image ©2010 Darren Stahlman-Photographer.

I dont know what is more unsettling , that these mannequins in a JP storefront have life like faces and smiles, or that most of them have disproportionately large breasts.window1

After a long time waiting in the wings the article about Brendan E. Quigley has been published in the August 12th 2009 issue of the Improper Bostonian. So go grab a copy!

I am a little bummed that one of the images I made did not make it to print, and even more bummed that the seam runs through the opener and typewriter, but all in all not too shabby. In hindsight it would have been cool to work on this up to last week or so, since the deadline was June 30 for film.
I have a lot going on photowise but nothing really worth talking about. Kind of in a creative hole at the moment.

images ©2009 Darren Stahlman-Photographer; Crossword ©2009 Brendan E. Quigley; Story ©2009 John Dyer

©2009 Darren Stahlman-Photographer; Crossword ©2009 Brendan E. Quigley; Story ©2009 John Dyer

©2009 Darren Stahlman-Photographer; Crossword ©2009 Brendan E. Quigley; Story ©2009 John Dyer

Hey gang

It was finally time to take that old, out dated, dusty website down and begin work on a shiny new, slimmed down model. I have begun making web galleries of the work from the old site, along with some newer stuff, to keep up a web pressence other than this blog. You may find the first easy to use flash gallery at HERE



I will be creating a gallery for current Artwork this weekend and will post the link when it is live.


Here is my latest published image. Portrait of Jared Mancini, Owner of “SIP” located in Post Office Square ( That is in Boston’s Financial Distrcit for you non residents)

Yeah, I know it is not really my look, but time constraints and no assistant made getting crazy with this one a little tough. My scan of this wasnt very good so please disregard any flaws. Better yet, get up and go pick up the 6/10/09 issue of the IMPROPER BOSTONIAN, my image is on page 11 as you can see.

I have another portrait to shoot for the end of the month of a guy who writes crossword puzzles which should be pretty cool.

©2009 Darren Stahlman Photography

©2009 Darren Stahlman Photography ( Image) © 2009 Andrew Rimas ( story) © 2009 Improper Bostonian ( layout)